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April 22, 2021

triplet - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

triplet - Three notes of equal length that are to be performed in the duration of
two notes of equal length.

time signature - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

time signature - A symbol placed at the left side of the staff indicating the meter
of the composition.

sixteenth note - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

sixteenth note - A note having the time duration of one sixteenth of the time
duration of a whole note.

score - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

score - The entirety of the instrumental and vocal parts of a composition in
written form, placed together on a page in staves placed one below the other.

polyrhythm - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

polyrhythm - The use of several patterns or meters simultaneously, a technique used
in 20th century compositions.

middle C - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

middle C - The name given to the note that has the pitch value of 261.63 Hz. It is
the note on the ledger line halfway between the bass and treble clef on the great

kick drum - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

kick drum - A pedal operated bass drum usually found as part of a drum kit (drum
set) played by a single musician in a rock, jazz, or other popular style ensemble.

half note - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

half note - A note that has half the duration of a whole note.

enharmonic - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

enharmonic - The phenomenon that two separate pitch notations stand for the same
sound. For example, the enharmonic spelling of F sharp is G flat. Both represent
the same pitch frequency.

cymbal - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

cymbal - A percussion instrument made of a circular brass plate.

chords - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

chords - The sounding of two or more notes (usually at least three) simultaneously.

XML Introduction

XML - XML is a software- and hardware-independent tool for storing and transporting

variable - What is a Variable?

variable - A variable is a named unit of data that is assigned a value.

articulation - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

articulation - Directions to a performer typically through symbols and icons on a musical score that indicate characteristics of the attack, duration, and decay.

terminal - What is a Terminal?

terminal - The terminal is an interface that allows you to access the command line.

snippet - What is a Snippet?

snippet - Alternatively referred to as a code snippet, a snippet is a small portion
of text that is part of a larger set of programming code.

Ring -- from Wolfram MathWorld

ring theory - A ring in the mathematical sense is a set S together with two binary
operators + and *.

random - What is Random?

random - The term random refers to any collection of data or information with no
determined order, or is chosen in a way that is unknown beforehand.

QUANTIFY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

quantify meaning: 1. to measure or judge the size or amount of something: 2. to measure or judge the size or amount…. Learn more.

percentile dice - Aces Are Low: Rolling Percentile (d100) In D&D – Dungeon Master's Workshop

There’s one way, and only one way, to roll percentile in D&D.

tonic - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

tonic - The note upon which a scale or key is based.

tonality - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

tonality - The principal of organization of a composition around a tonic based upon
a major or minor scale.

snare drum - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

snare drum - A drum common in orchestral, band, and jazz music with two drum heads.
It is named after the "snares" or strings stretched across the lower drum head.

sequence (music) - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

sequence (music) - A restatement of an idea or motif at a different pitch level
from the original.

rests - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

rests - A symbol standing for a measured break in the sound with a defined

note - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

note - A notational symbol used to represent the duration of a sound and, when
placed on a music staff, to also indicate the pitch of the sound.

melody - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

melody - A tune; a succession of tones comprised of mode, rhythm, and pitches so
arranged as to achieve musical shape, being perceived as a unity by the mind.

key - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

key - A specific scale or series of notes defining a particular tonality.

genre - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

genre - Style or manner. In music, a unique category of composition with
similar style, form, emotion, or subject.

eighth note - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

eighth note - A note having the time duration of one eighth of the time duration of
a whole note.

diatonic - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

diatonic - Proceeding in the order of the octave based on five tones (steps) and
two semitones (half steps).

cadence - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

cadence - A stylized close in music which divides the music into periods or brings
it to a full conclusion.

walking bass

walking bass - In jazz, a walking bass usually moves by steps played on bass or
piano, with each note usually having the duration of a quarter note.

Loop Unrolling - GeeksforGeeks

unrolled loops - Loop unrolling is a loop transformation technique that helps to
optimize the execution time of a program. We basically remove or reduce iterations.

editor - What is an Editor?

text editor - The term editor is commonly used to refer to a text editor, which is
a software program that allows users to create or manipulate plain text.

Sonny Rollins Omnibook

Sonny Rollins Omnibook - The Sonny Rollins Omnibook celebrates the bebop legend.

sequence (math) - What is a Sequence?

sequence (math) - A sequence is an ordered list containing successive items, or
functions for performing certain actions.

reverse engineering - What is Reverse Engineering?

reverse engineering - Reverse engineering involves finding out how various
functions in the code are built, what they do, and how each relates to and
interacts with other code functions.

pseudocode - What is Pseudocode?

pseudo code - Plain English that cannot be compiled or executed, but explains a
resolution to a problem.

plain text - What is Plain Text?

plain text - Plain text, Plain-text, or Plaintext is any text, text file, or
document containing only text.

tone - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

tone - The particular sound of an instrument or voice, as well as the performer's
particular coloring of that sound.

timbre - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

timbre - The quality of a sound; that component of a tone that causes different
instruments (for example a guitar and a violin) to sound different from each other
while they are both playing the same note.

seventh chord - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

seventh chord - A chord consisting of a root note, the third above the
fifth above the root, and the seventh above the root.

root - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

root - The tonic or fundamental note of a chord.

quarter note - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

quarter note - A note having the time duration of one fourth of the time duration
of a whole note.

motif - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

motif - A short tune or musical figure that characterizes and unifies a

measure - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

measure - American term, equivalent to the English term "bar ", signifying the
smallest metrical divisions of a composition, containing a fixed number of beats ,
marked off by vertical lines on the staff.

interval - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

interval - The distance between two pitches.

fifth interval - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

fifth interval - An interval of five diatonic degrees, counting the first and last
degree, for example, a fifth above C would be G.

drum kit - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

drum kit - A drummer in a rock or jazz band usually plays a "kit" (sometimes
referred to as a drum set) or a specific group of untuned percussion instruments.

clef - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

clef - A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to denote which notes are
indicated by the lines and spaces.

bar - OnMusic Dictionary - Term

bar - Lines drawn perpendicularly across the staff to divide it into measures. The
term also means measure in common usage, but the bar is strictly the line itself,
and not the measure it defines.


transcriber - The person who made the transcription.

transcription - How do you transcribe music? | Musical U

Transcribing music means writing down what you hear when you listen to a song or piece.

text file - What is a Text File?

text file - A text file is a computer file that only contains text and has no
special formatting.

SQL - What is SQL (Structured Query Language)?

SQL - Short for Structured Query Language, SQL, ... was developed by Dr. Edgar F.
Codd at the IBM research center in 1974. Today, SQL has become the de facto
standard database language.

replace - What is Replace?

search and replace - Alternatively referred to as Find and Replace or Replace is
the act of finding text and replacing the found text with an alternative.

query - What is a Query?

query - With a database or search, a query is a field or option used to locate
information within a database or another location.


probability - How likely something is to happen.

Prime and Composite Numbers

prime number - A Prime Number is a whole number that cannot be made by multiplying
other whole numbers.

Prime Factorization

prime factors - "Prime Factorization" is finding which prime numbers multiply
together to make the original number.

Parallel Array - GeeksforGeeks

A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

parallel arrays - Multiple arrays of the same size such that i-th element of each
array is closely related and all i-th elements together represent an object or